Our Team

Bashaw Valley Lodge is run by a team of administration, hosts, and staff that strive to make your new home everything you want and need it to be.

We work to create appetizing and healthy meals, provide stimulating entertainment, and maintain a tidy and orderly living space.

With staff on site 24-hours a day for emergencies and hosting services, Bashaw Valley Lodge offers the peace of mind of knowing someone is always available if needed.

The Lodge


Bashaw Valley Lodge is a previously decommissioned senior care facility that was due for demolition.  Knowing that there is a need for affordable retirement living, we bought the lodge and renovated it to fill that need.

The lodge has been completely updated and refreshed with new flooring, paint, fixtures, and furniture.

We welcome tenants who are not needing the full support of a medical based senior facility, but who want to put more of their daily focus into their family, hobbies, and other interests. Our tenants don't need to worry about household maintenance, housekeeping, meal preparation, or seeking out recreational activities.

Our facility will provide access to peers, holiday celebrations, and bring in outside services that may benefit our tenants (such as musical entertainment, faith based service, and hobby skill teaching).